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Residential School

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our student and their achievements."


Welcome to Residential School

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our
students and their achievements."

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Design Technology

The opening of the new Design Technology / Practical Skills suite in early 2021 is an exciting time for us.


Hosts a brand new building comprising of a design studio / classroom with computers and software for creating graphics, 2D and 3D drawings and models, using similar principles as commercial design programs used by engineers and architects.


The main workshop has equipment, tools and machinery helping the students to create quality finished products using resources from a wide selection of wood, metal, plastics and electronics. There is a small C.A.D./C.A.M. room where students can use the 3D printer, laser cutter and plastic forming station to produce their designs.



Finally, for those that want to embark on a practical skills career, there are eight work pods for KS4 students who can enrol on a level 1 or level 2 construction / engineering qualifications. Here skills such as plumbing, joinery, tiling, painting / decorating and electrical instillation can be achieved.


KS2/3 students from year 6 to year 8 follow the National Curriculum and learn skills in designing and product making. From year 9 onwards, students follow a personalised programme of study, allowing them to work towards qualifications that best suit their strengths and goals.


Not only does this subject help develop individual’s specific skills, it can help them learn and improve other skills such as hand / eye coordination, creativity, self-belief and confidence.


Qualifications available:


BTEC Level 1 in Construction (Award and Certificate)

BTEC Level 1 in Engineering (Award and Certificate)

WJEC Level 1 / Level 2 Constructing in the build environment

WJEC Level 1 / Level 2 Engineering

AQA Unit Award Scheme