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Residential School

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our student and their achievements."


Welcome to Residential School

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our
students and their achievements."

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Extended Learning

Personalised Curriculum


At Marland Residential we taylor the curriculum to meet the needs of individual students - this can involve students getting involved in the wider community to develop their confidence, skills and understanding of the world around them.


Marland School Woods

We had a visit from the art of Falconry, there were four different types of birds.

Part of our learning involves cooking different types of food on the fire and making clay faces using the natural materials found around us. 


CEET Project 


This is a project that we have been part of to help develop mental health and well-being, by spending time in nature. The CEEP project offers a variety of different activities that we can attend on a fortnightly basis. 

As part of the project, we spent the day at Croyde Beach creating a 45metre whale using end of season beach rubbish which had been collected and stored. The art project was filmed from a drone and put together, this can be seen on the CEET website.

A revisit to the allotments meant that the boys could see how their vegetables had grown and even pick some that were ready to take and cook at home.


Duke of Edinburgh


Three of our year 11 students completed their Silver award. This is the first group we have had achieve this at Marland Residential School.


The practise and full expeditions both took place on Dartmoor.


The final expedition involved three walks which all revolved around a body of water 

Ten Tors

This weekend Kahn, Luke, Tyg and Declan took part in the first ever Jubilee Challenge Plus event. This was an 18-mile navigational walk across Dartmoor with an overnight camp. The first night we set up camp at Okehampton Army base along with all the other teams, the atmosphere was buzzing as everyone prepared for their challenges in the morning. The boys even got interview by the BBC which was on the local news as well as Devon radio. Kahn, Barky and Steve managed to get their picture on the news feed. It was an early start on Saturday. We had to be at the start line all packed up and ready to walk by 7:30am. The boys carried a lot of kit with them in big rucksacks. The sun was shining, it was a very hot day but the boys started off strong reaching the first check point in good time. Check points 5 to 7 were tough with Kitty tor being our highest tor yet but after that it was on to the camp site for the night. Our amazing support team had set up camp for us. There was a cup of tea and dinner ready for us too. Luckily this camp was quiet, had beautiful views and friendly military staff so was a
Marland Residential Jubilee Challenge Plus
great place to rest our tired legs. The next morning was a bit more relaxed and another beautiful day, camp was all packed up and the last part of the walk was ahead of us. Legs were tired and feet were soar, the last part of the walk was definitely not easy and quite hard to navigate but we came over the last tor and could hear and see the crowd of spectators clapping the teams in. The boys went ahead and finished the walk on their own, striding in with the rest of the ten tors teams. It was a great sight to see and all boys were amazing, showing true resilience and determination. They should be very proud of their achievements as we are.

Sandy Park Stadium Tour - Exeter Chiefs


We were invited to Sandy Park for a stadium tour. The tour gave the students access to the inner workings of a professional rugby team. We also gained access to the high-class facilities used by the chiefs including the gym, sauna, spa, game day and training pitches, rehabilitation rooms and locker rooms. The boys had a really good day which also included some free Chiefs stash and souvenirs.




Exeter Chiefs Community Rugby SEND Festival 

The Marland boys were given a great opportunity to train and play Rugby like an Exeter Chief. The 2.5-hour session was led by Current Women’s Head Coach, Susie Appleby and Women’s Player and Canadian International, Emily Tuttosi. 
The boys were lead through high quality coaching focusing on attack play, ball handling, kicking, defensive patterns and tackling.
Susie and Emily commended the Marland boys on their high skill levels, ability to focus and learn, attention to detail and having an overall good session.
The boys gained exposure to a new played sport (Rugby), continuing the focus and development of how they can lead and continue to live a healthier active lifestyle through sports and physical activities.
A credit to the boys for having a great day as we are all looking forward to the future planned festivals and tournaments.