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Residential School

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our student and their achievements."


Welcome to Residential School

"We are a school first and foremost and proud of our
students and their achievements."

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Daily Routine


Wake up

Shower or wash

Get dressed and tidy room



Breakfast is a choice of various cereals, toast, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, bacon, sausages and croissants (day dependant)

Free time (Unstructured) about 30 minutes. Chance to play a game of pool and socialise with your peers.



School Day (Refer to timetable)




Free time (Unstructured)



Evening groups – Juniors and Seniors have separately run activities to meet individual needs.

We aim to provide a wide choice of activities each night. It could be driving our new 2 seater Go Kart, swimming, surfing, football, gym time or chilling out watching Netflix or playing on a games console.


7.15 – 7.45pm

Supper is a variety of food items available in our large communal supper lounge. We provide a different offering every night of the week including: Pizza, Pasta, Soup, Fruit Salad, Hot Dogs and Toasties.  Sometimes students will choose a cooking group for activities and will provide items to be shared with all at supper.


7.45pm - 9.30pm

Mixture of late-night groups (older students), unstructured activities such as pool, table tennis, board games and consoles or just chilling out in lounges or your bedroom.


Then the following depending on your age:-


8.30pm quiet time in your room

9.00pm lights out


Middle School

9.00pm quiet time in your room

9.30pm lights out



9.30pm quiet time in your room

10.00pm lights out